Tuesday, 25 October 2011

week 4

Tuesday- Was ultra lame and after classes worked on my theater paper with kel. Such a great academic choice, considering today, Wednesday, was a super low key night in terms of going out. Everyone has a ton of work do this week and is studying hard for the upcoming tests. boo. Zack, Kelly, Jon and I continued planning fall break and currently have houses in both Paris and Amsterdam. winning. Highlight of the night was definitely skyping with dozer. twinny sisters 4L. miss you girl. It was really nice to hear about all the happenings on campus and with the team. She reports that the fris team is looking to be in tip top shape this year.

Wednesday- To say that this day was dedicated to homework would be the understatement of the year. Besides quick skypes with em and rory g I am fairly certain that I did nothing but work for the better part of 8 hours. I'm patting myself on the back for this one. go self. #soacademic.

Thursday- class. saw much ado about nothing at the globe. standing for three hours was less than ideal, but the play itself was fabulous. It kept me laughing the whole time and helped me to forget about the cramps in my legs. Afterwards, kelly, mitch, mac and i decided to go out except somewhere in the rush to get going mac got lost. classic. we knocked on his door and called him but he didn't answer. he claims we left him, but we all know what really happened: boy was definitely sleeping. We headed to oneils sans mac and met with our less than sober friends. it was awesome. after several renditions of sex on fire headed back with a very dynamic crew. the dynamic was hysterical. 

Friday- Bike ride through hyde park with kelly, zack, jon, collin, and danny. It was the best. The sun was shining the entire day and we rode by the lake for probably an hour. It was gorgeous. thank you for not raining london. We rode to the other side, eventually arriving at primark, the london equivalent of a tj max? Everything in there is super cheap and stylish, but there is quite possibly a thousand million people in this one store. I bought some tights and a few more shirts to be ultra eruo and was planning on wearing them out but I felt ultra sick by the time we got back. Instead I sent the night comatose in my bed and watched the season premier of  grey's anatomy. get ready for another roaring season team. the reviews are great. 

Saturday- Still feeling a little under the weather, i woke up at 9 am to head to the local london zoo. It was well worth it. The majority of the cages are open area and you can walk through them right next to the animals. In the money enclosure I honestly could have touched them, but i kind of chickened out. weak sauce I know. If youre coming to london and have even the most remote liking for animals I strongly suggest a trip to the zoo. I loved it. Afterwards, i countined to rest and did a bit of homework. talk about the life of the party. 

sunday- homework

monday-got an A on the first physio test! yayyy yayyy

tuesday: today I took my first physics test. I studied a lot for it and I think I did really well. At night we went to see The Tempest at the Haymarket theater. The opening scene was awesome. It was so realistic that I felt like I was on an actual boat. After this however, the play fell flat. It was simply too long and drawn out allowing audiences to grow bored in between scenes. Im still glad I saw the production thought because the main character was depicted by Ralph Fiennes, aka Voldemort ladies and gentlemen. The entire time I kept picturing voldy in terms of his harry potter life. For example, when he held up this staff signifying his denunciation on magic, I immediately pictured the final scene of hp 7 part 1 when he holds up the elder wand and the huge lightning bolt goes up. haha 

wednesday: psych paper finished. woot woot then out to dinner for sean's birthday. We went to this really nice seafood restaurant massimo's. It was so so so good. For appetizers we got grilled octopus, kalamari and crab salad. Entrees: seabass & prawns, fettuccine & scallops, lamb, and noki. It was phenomenal. The company was great. holla at my seven. We walked to wallabout for the foam party, but never made it in because the cover was pretty steep. I didn't really feel like going out anyway so keltay and I came back, drank some wine and ate e riley's delicious chocolate cake. We also recorded videos for vicks to show the fris team. They're pretty funny if I do say so myself. Overall, great night. 

thursday: pack, pack, clean, wake up at 3:45 for norway

friday, Saturday, sunday:  Upon arriving in the norwegian airport at approximately 8am, we boarded a bus to the city of Oslo. The ride itself was gorgeous as we took a road that wound around the edge of the Oslo fjord. Beautiful waters surround by mountains : ) The second we got into the city we sought out the DVT, the norwegian national park service, where through previous emails we had been told that we could book full service cabins in the wilderness. Upon entering the DVT we [Kelly, Vandy, Sean, Matt, Bif, and I] were under the impression that we would be picking up the key to our cabin and then setting out on our hike the next day. Oh how wrong we were. The cabins, which are normally all vacant, were booked within a 50 mile radius of the city due to the national vacation break. talk about a buzz kill. Given that our hostel was also booked for the next night due to said holiday, we were essentially homeless in norway. oops. The lady that was helping us either thought we were retarded or was simply talking pity on us because she told us about a store where we could rent tents. At this point we were all in. The only catch was that the store was across town and closed in 10 minutes. Talk about winning the luck lottery. Before we dashed out of the store she made us buy a wilderness map and a compass and I quote, "For you own safety, I cannot let you leave here without them." Dropped a causal $60. Stupid exchange rate. [Side note: Norway is quite possibly the most expensive country ever. For perspective, a hamburger at McDonald's costs $20. TWENTY people. Have these folks ever heard of the dollar menu?] After our purchase, she quickly hand drew us a map and sent us into the subway. haha Literally running through the underground we got on the train without tickets because none of us could figure out how to work the ticket machines that did not have a lick of English on them. #stowaways. We run off the train and arrive at the store only to be greeted by a locked door and black windows. Noooo. Half jokingly and half out of sheer desperation, Matt Peters and I continued to claw at the door. Just as we are about to give up and concede to sleeping in a park the following evening Bengt appears. What a guy. He reopened the store and despite rules that you must be under twenty years old and live in this remote area of Norway he gave us FREE tents. Honestly this was a miracle. We must have looked that pathetic. With renewed spirits and two new tents we finally headed over to check into our hostel. One stolen train ride and a 15 minute walk later we are there. Our fellow hostel residents are getting ready to go out so we decide to get some alc in bulk due to the hefty prices of the country. Don't be fooled people this is a nearly impossible task in Norway. After asking dozens of people, scavenging through every grocery store in our path, and walking for nearly 2.5 hours no alcohol has been found. fail. However, we did pick up 3 packs of rolls, a jar of pb and matches for our hiking venture. With 4 beers purchased from the hostel fridge at a price of 7 dollars each we retired to our room and proceeded to setup the tent as a trail run. See my facebook photos for the results. hilarity did ensure. The next morning we asked our hostel owner about the allusive alcohol store, thinking that an alc jacket may come in handy that evening as we slept sans sleeping bags in the wild. Little did we know Oslo has ONE liqueur store and it is only open weekdays 11- 3pm. Way to regulate norway. Here we acquire 7 bottles of champagne to celebrate our venture. With the bottles secured in our backpacks we gathered at the bus deport and requested some tickets to Skar, Norway, where the DVT had told us to depart from. Skar is so remote that the ticket man A) didn't know it existed and B) when shown it on a map insisted that no buses ran there. No worries peeps, upon a full scale computer search the bus was located. When we were dropped off we were greeted by endless trees and a wooden bench. Cheers to the wild. We hiked for 3 hours with beautiful views the entire time and eventually reached a secluded lake. While exploring around the lake Matt Peters found a pile of dry wood, a concept that none of us had even begun to think about. I see you fire. We kept hiking in search of a good spot and along the way found a fishing knife and an unopened beer. shotguns later? maybe. maybe. absolutely! We eventually found a clearing as it was getting dark and decided to make a base camp. Girls setup the tent. Yep, I did that people. Please, make fun of me for hating the wilderness now : ) Boys did the fire. The tent went up quickly and with ease, while the fire turned out to be a little more trying. In Norway there is a perpetual mist which in fire building terms translates into everything is wet always. As you can see this presented a unique challenge. After plowing through 3 oslo tour books we were one step away from burning my theology homework when the fire took off. Thank you God. We cooked some hotdogs, dug into the rolls and chomped on some pb as the sunset. Let me tell you without sun its about 30 degrees colder and pitch black. Were talking I can't see my hand in front of my face or even with the fire the tent 10 feet away black. We chatted fire side and roasted smores to occupy our time. At 1030 we broke out the champ in order to obtain some false sense of warmth and about 1230 the wood pile reached empty. Solution: wood runs via blackberry back light. joke life. At this point though it was impossible to see anything so Vandy resorted to climbing a tree to obtain some fresh branches. Even with this valiant effort it wasn't long until the fire was extinguished. At this point we retired to the tent for the night. Sleep was relatively easy until about 3am when the alc wore off and the deep cold set in. Even wearing two sweatshirts, mittens, two tshirts, jeans, leggings and three pairs of socks it was cold. We slept fleetingly, huddled together and still waking roughly every hour. Needless to say by sunrise we were ready to roll. We hiked out of the wild, coated in mud and looking rather rugged if I do say so myself and explored Oslo for the rest of the day (saw the changing of the guards). A heavy rain set in soon though, so we went to the airport early, bought 10 dollar hotdogs and waited for the plane. By the time we got to London we were all ready for a hot shower and a clean bed.  

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